Saturday, August 21, 2010

Be of the kayak airfare rates – can more accurately than the other meta-search sites?

Have you tried yet kayak travel search?

Kayak is a "meta search engine" - basically a website that allows search all the other travel sites (flight, hotel, car rental and cruise Web sites) and discover rates and prices at a time. Kayak is not a travel agency but a WebService select a service, rate or price for the Suche.Wenn, directs Kayak's website then you can reserve on the site where, flight, hotel, rooms or car rent.

It works great, and I think the layout and the presentation easy to bedienen.Und what is even more important helpful feature are Kayak's surprising results accurately and hilfsbereit.Eine can request regular updates on rates, and send this cool chart that shows exactly what days are the cheapest fly: